Posted on: November 10, 2009 8:51 am
Edited on: November 10, 2009 8:58 am

Annual Clemson Countdown has begun.....

Laugh out loud should always be written not abbreviated..... Laugh out loud.
Anyone want to lay odds on the Clemson football team making it / not making it to Tampa for a showdown slash rematch with the Jackets in the ACC championship game ? Boy that 14th ACC title would look all sweet and stuff sitting polished up in the new West Zone trophy case wouldn't it !? I mean all this squad has to do is beat NC State and the Wahoos as they should and beat the team they should have beaten in early September and there you go.... laugh out loud.
With Clemson's last few years under Bowden and the latest meltdown just less than a year old it may seem to the non-believer that the Tigers cannot get over that hump , the hump that our football team has gotten to and looked over seemingly only a step from running down the other side only to stumble and roll back down to a consolation bowl game. Sigh out loud... which can also be abbreviated as SOL , knowhattamean ? I , however when faced with this team this year and the way they've responded to adversity and have triumphed over this invisible gorilla am quite certain that this years Tigers are going to do what they should and win out against the remainder of inferior ACC foes and get a nice big Orange Bowl payoff .... totally do believe that !  Uncertainly laugh out slightly less than loud....
When you abbreviate things so that it saves you time or looks like you are too busy to mess with superfluous literacy then others may think you are not a great finisher , that you could get to the edge of a really tall hill and not be able to go running down the other side with a nice big trophy that says you were great when you were supposed to be ..... guess I should have abbreviated that last sentence but I wouldn't want you to think I wasn't up to task ... like I hope these Tigers are ... laugh out.... awww shucks - LOL !!!! 
Posted on: April 4, 2009 8:29 am

First you take em' by the waistband.....

Spring is here and the time for on-campus football freshmen has come. Getting up for college football seasons in the fall requires the fans to pay attention to postings and blogs out on the net , or read your state newspaper's biased views on how your favorite team will win the BCS national championship.

I , as a huge Clemson Tiger fan am just hoping for positive strides under Dabo Swinney and looking for a ray of hope in a wide open league. Other fans of other teams have higher aspirations (see fans around Gainesville, L.A. , Baton Rouge and Columbus...) but we in the Palmetto state (yes that means in Cola-Town too !!) need to hold off on title talks at least for the forseeable future.

Spring practices , spring games and the like brings us all great anticipation and puts a smile on the faces of young and old alike. I like the reports on my team page which cronicle which players are looking strong , what freshmen impress and who will be looked to for leadership in the fall. Players and coaches alike are getting a feel for each other and the fans are getting out the what-nots for the summer season where you wear the colors and fly the flags. You get to clean off the tailgating gear , shine up the grill and wash -out your officially licensed underwear while smiling fondly at the picture of the home stadium on your den wall.

Just can't wait til' fall..... nothing against the spring or summer , but the fall is the penultimate for college football fans.

GO TIGERS !!!!!!!

Posted on: February 24, 2009 9:03 pm

Wow getting said......

My dad built a basketball goal  in our backyard when I was 9 . He said to my brother and I " I want you to play basketball when football season is over. " We always did what dad said to do.

I love college basketball no less than I like college football but I yearn for both when they are not around. As one might imagine , I being a Clemson fan have many more football stories than the basketball ones. Well, positive  stories anyway. The old days (my old days start in the mid 70's>) had the Tiger football team as the topdog , the big show , the circus in town. Not so anymore. Thanks to Oliver Purnell and some reachable student athletes we are looking at a new ticket and a new place for Clemson men's basketball.... and I really like it there. Purnell has GOTTEN THIS PROGRAM UP AND RUNNING. He  is right now in his tenure where this tigerfan hopes and prays that Dabo will be this time next fall ( fingers and toes crossed , then laced together with catgut for extra lucky support). Please Mr. Phillips pay Oliver to stay . We want you to stay mr. Purnell and if you PM me your address I will have a small donation to that effect sent as soon as I get paid again.

Alright the last sentence in the preceding paragraph was freaky if not creeping up on terrifying , but you get the point right ? I read an article today in the Charleston Post and Courier that had Oliver being unable to turn down an offer to take over at Alabama if they sweeten it to him. I had a Rick Barnes nightmare flashback where I totally and whole-heartedly felt good about Tiger hoops and then somebody buys a ranch in Texas and here we go again with the taste of brussel sprouts through my nose as I powerfully throw up and the pile makes the face of Larry Shyatt , which in turn stained my floor until Oliver came along by the grace of the Basketball Gods and showed me how to handle the floor thing.

I wanted to ramble on a few minutes to see if anyone was out there.








Is anyone out there as excited as I am about this new era in Clemson coaching? How about it for the basketball team. 

Here is to the same result with Dabo as we have with Oliver Purnell.

Posted on: January 8, 2009 8:33 am

Oliver Purnell.....

When he was hired away from Dayton to be the new basketball coach at Clemson University not much fanfare was made of it. He was noted only for being the first African-American HC at Clemson's long suffering basketball program. It was with so little of a deal , the fans at most schools in the ACC weren't even sure who he was at the start of the 2004 season.

He came with good credentials , having served as the HC at Old Dominion and Toledo. He won at both of those smaller schools, eclipsing the 20 win plateau at each. He was seen as a defensive minded coach who would bring respectability to the Tigers ....if not success. I would venture to guess that most ACC and even Tiger fans , if they were asked to tell the truth would say that they weren't expecting too much from this relative unknown.

He was hired by Mike Krzyzewski to assist coaching the U.S. basketball team and he did , and they won gold. Coach K recognizes the value of the defensive side in international play , and he should as Coach Purnell beat his favored Duke team last year with just such a defensive scheme.

Now we are seeing the payoff . He has won 20+ games three out of his four years as head at Clemson. Landed the Tigers in the NCAA tourney for the first time since 1998 last season. His recruiting has ramped up , and he is beginning to grab the caliber player that the traditional basketball powers would normally hoard. Clemson has started 15-0 in 2008-2009 and are already 1-0 in conference play beating a ranked Miami team on the road.

Give Oliver Purnell the respect that he deserves , and the Clemson AD gratitude for having the foresight to scoop up this obviously talented hoopsman. Clemson basketball futures look good , so buy your season tickets now because this trend will continue.

Posted on: December 3, 2008 6:18 pm

Dabo Swinney and the road ahead for Clemson

Everybody thought that Clemson would beat Alabama , and then win the ACC title, didn't happen . That was in August. Then , nobody thought that interim head coach Dabo Swinney would last past losing to Steve Spurrier coached South Carolina on Nov. 29th. That was last weekend , didn't happen . He went 4-2 after Bowden "stepped down" in October following a deflating loss to the Terps. He qualified the Tigers to a bowl game when nobody gave him a chance in mid October  , and now it looks like the Tigers are headed for a New Years Day Gator Bowl date with Nebraska . Sure hope that everyone is paying attention to doubting this guy , keep it up because he seems to thrive on the challenge.

I didn't like the inexperienced guy getting the job at first , but then after a long look at the short body of work I am starting to get behind the administrations decision. Brother , if he coaches the Tigers to a bowl win in January I will be fully behind the guy come spring .... to use his own words after being named interim , I will be ALL IN !

This is a strange time in Tiger football . What will recruiting season bring , will CJ come back as he said he would ? Who will be our new defensive coordinator ? How will the Tigers perform next fall after a full spring and summer under Dabo ? Wow ....... just Wow.

Posted on: November 21, 2008 1:50 am

The ACC is convoluted , but not so bad after all.

So many times during this summers' build up to the college football season we as ACC fans and a few others outside of Tobacco Road looked at it like the Clemson Tigers would lay the smack down and walk away with the league hardware without much effort..... flash forward to November and not only aren't the Tigers getting the trophy we all assumed they would , but they are in danger of going bowl-less for the first time in four years. So who is it going to be ? Who indeed.....

The league , much maligned for it's inability to win a BCS game since 1999 and counting has some identity issues to deal with right about now that the "Conferences' Depth Police " never would have gotten the goods on without the unreal results on the field this fall . This 12 team conference may not be as strong offensively as the Big 12 or as defensively stout as the SEC is , but if you are looking for a multiple team divisional battle look no further than the ACC my friends. Just when you think somebody has a bead drawn on the championship game they lose and join the pack , and it matters not which division we are looking at they have both had countless leaders and just as many fallers-off.

Yeah I know what you are thinking , show me a true powerhouse , show us a BCS contender. Well I can't do that , but what I can show you is a trippy , non-drug induced football buzz that starts in Miami and winds its way through Georgia , the Carolina's into Virginia and Maryland and ends up in Bean town. Man , if you can't get excited watching this freak show play out then you just don't like college football , or drama as it were.

Whoever wins the Atlantic will play whoever wins the Coastal , I guarantee it. That winner will play somebody in the Fed-Ex Orange bowl in early January ... I promise. Will we finally win another BCS game then ....... who knows , but I guarantee that I will be watching and wearing my ACC banner hat..... which if you look really close under the conference letters reads " Anybody Can Conference".

See y'all in Mammy !

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Posted on: October 31, 2008 4:25 pm

Tigerdug's Biggest Breast Debate

Well , if you thought that I was going to talk about mammies on my blog then right about now the pout lip is poking out... poor you. I like the subject I do , but boobs and blogs make bad bed partners I think. This is a sports related board folks , and there is no place for tata's upon my blog...... uh ... yeah that's what I meant to say.

The catchy title was to lure those of you who talk sports but are willing to mash it up about other subjects as well. I am one of those people , as I have responded to posts about the potential of having sex with celebrities , making hats out of newspaper , getting 5 star ratings for showing the threader love , favorite movies , favorite beers , favorite cars and just plain old favorite favorites.

There is one thread subject though that I find particularly hard to mentally digest , and that is politics. Not that I don't want to occasionally discuss the American political landscape , or the goings on as it were .... but on a CFB message board ? Hardly. Now I know that you have probably seen my responses on a few of these threads , hell , I occasionally re-respond to some of them . I try not to , it is just that somewhere in the back of my brain a switch gets thrown around election time and I must become active to at least a small degree.

I am not in any political affiliation , nor do I side more with one than the other. I think that for the most part the American political party choices have become infighters , bent on proving the other to be the causation for our demise. I turn on the news , be it CNN or Fox and all morning it is lighthearted slaps at the other teams candidate , or pandering to the audiences distaste of the other side. It reminds me of two preschoolers pulling each others hair over their sippy cup ... just disgusting. Now I don't offer any solutions... not that smart , but I do know that the remote control eases the pain just a little because in the back of my head while I sit there trying to be an informed, involved adult there in the recesses of my mind is the ESPN tune playing just loud enough to drown out the din of political buffoonery. Sports is my drug , and occasionally I overdose to wipe away the real world for awhile.

I guess what I am trying to point out here is that on sports message boards we have a reason and a rhyme. What we did all day , or however much we hate the other team we all agree that we want more and so we post endlessly about sports minutiae at all hours of the clock. We need it and have passion for it that sometimes overrides our sensibilities ... and I am cool with that. Just quit already with the politicking and the whining about the Dem-Republican whosie-whatsit..... there is football being played. All the tizz all the time about taxation and immigration and Iraqistan is tearing me a new one , and if people want to vomit that subject I wish they would find the proper board for that junk , because it ain't the CBS college football message board my friends.... it isn't. Nothing worse than some 22 year old idealist college grad droning on and on about something he has little knowledge of unless he heard it on Fox and Fools or from the forked tongue of Wolf Blitzes . Quasi-political experts show up every 4 years and spew whatever it is that they think will fix a system that is far too gone and far to complex to understand when your other main discussion topic is  "Halo 3 " or NASCAR . You are not an expert dude , and neither are the tools you follow on your favorite media outlets.

I hope tomorrow morning finds you rested and ready , because it is football thirty in front of my bigscreen friends , so bring the beer and the brats and leave the politics at the door.... in Tigerdug's house anyway.

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Posted on: October 21, 2008 2:49 pm

The Great Clemson Football Coaching Search....

As the news was breaking that Tiger head football coach Tommy Bowden had "resigned" at midseason , Tigerdug found time enough to re-locate his jaw from the floor long enough to place hand to mouth and blow a kiss goodbye to the dearly departed T-Bones and all the baggage he takes with him. I will miss him . I think that we should all remember the good things that he did in the 10 years that he headed the Tiger football team and try not to dwell upon the negatives or the semi-positives as it were.

The "Dabo Swinney experiment" took a hit with the close loss at home to the Jackets this past weekend . He showed us all fire and dedication.... kissing the rock as he entered the stadium, getting in players' faces as they came off the field after bad plays and showing the love to them after good ones . Nice stuff , but the game went into the loss column. Same result, different dude. I just don't know that this trainwreck is finished flying off the tracks yet , or whether or not the team got out before the derailment.Tigerdug thinks that we should continue to show our support as fans by showing up and yelling through the last 3 home games and traveling well , even though it may be the kind of support that nets only those hated Gamecock-like "moral" victories. A bowl game looks about a million miles away right now , and the ACC championship game has dissappeared with this latest loss.    SIGH.....

Now where to go ? Where does this thing go to now that it appears to be a long downward spiral to the offseason and recruiting period. Dabo could be the guy , or he could just be that train conductor that didn't survive the final rollover. I wish him luck , i want him to succeed .... hell, I hope he turns out to be the proverbial "diamond in the rough" that occasionally drops into CFB schools' laps at opportune times while they prepare themselves to head in a different direction. He will certainly do every thing within his power to placate fans and boosters , win games and turn a big thudding bomb into a light splatter, just not sure that the wound Tommy and Rob opened up can be sutured within the 6 game time frame he was given to do so in.

A whole bunch of names and scenarios have surfaced since the shake-up and some who you might not have expected , namely former Pittsburgh Steeler head coach Bill Cowher and the ghostly orange spechter of Danny Ford returning to the sidelines in Death Valley. I think sometimes folks regard for reality is overwhelmed by their desire for success at the point of attack.

As of now for Tigerdug, just give me a five-hundred season record and the Smurf Bowl against UTEP . I would take that and run with it if it were guaranteed right this minute , but alas we may all be relegated to the flat-screen for bowl season this year i'm afraid. I want to be wrong ... somebody tell me how wrong that I am . The Tigers are not going to be bowl eligible , and the recruits are going to fly away and whoever we hire will be starting behind the eight ball next spring.  SIGH......

Let us pray.

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