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Annual Clemson Countdown has begun.....

Posted on: November 10, 2009 8:51 am
Edited on: November 10, 2009 8:58 am
Laugh out loud should always be written not abbreviated..... Laugh out loud.
Anyone want to lay odds on the Clemson football team making it / not making it to Tampa for a showdown slash rematch with the Jackets in the ACC championship game ? Boy that 14th ACC title would look all sweet and stuff sitting polished up in the new West Zone trophy case wouldn't it !? I mean all this squad has to do is beat NC State and the Wahoos as they should and beat the team they should have beaten in early September and there you go.... laugh out loud.
With Clemson's last few years under Bowden and the latest meltdown just less than a year old it may seem to the non-believer that the Tigers cannot get over that hump , the hump that our football team has gotten to and looked over seemingly only a step from running down the other side only to stumble and roll back down to a consolation bowl game. Sigh out loud... which can also be abbreviated as SOL , knowhattamean ? I , however when faced with this team this year and the way they've responded to adversity and have triumphed over this invisible gorilla am quite certain that this years Tigers are going to do what they should and win out against the remainder of inferior ACC foes and get a nice big Orange Bowl payoff .... totally do believe that !  Uncertainly laugh out slightly less than loud....
When you abbreviate things so that it saves you time or looks like you are too busy to mess with superfluous literacy then others may think you are not a great finisher , that you could get to the edge of a really tall hill and not be able to go running down the other side with a nice big trophy that says you were great when you were supposed to be ..... guess I should have abbreviated that last sentence but I wouldn't want you to think I wasn't up to task ... like I hope these Tigers are ... laugh out.... awww shucks - LOL !!!! 
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